AD e NET  marketing
internet information specialist

Web site information
for Businesses presently on or are considering marketing on the Internet
The question is not the type of device
(Computer or Cellular phone)
your customer uses to locate your
business web information on the internet but HOW easy will proactive internet customers find YOUR BUSINESS on the information highway?
Hard print copy advertising, direct mail, or any other ads communicating Your Business capabilities many times are limited in area coverage, limited to the amount of content and limited to what you can afford.
The internet highway to communicate with your customers
 Personal commuter
Mobile web


The internet is LIMITLESS, a means of telling
"The Entire Story"  of your capabilities
immediately to your CUSTOMER and COMMUNITY
24 / 7 / 365 days of the year
AD e NET marketing through the creation of
Community Discount e Card

"the community Information Network"
makes this communication reality.

 Every business faces the problem, of marketing themselves.
Staying in touch with customers is a challenge.
  Being located on a LOCAL
information web site, informs their community and surrounding communities the information
for customers to shop and buy your products and services. This link to the infonet highway can be achieved by,
"Being a Part of the infonet" on a  local Community Based Web Site

AD e NET marketing makes this very affordable, beginning with our
FREE Business LISTING and options that permit you to economically communicate
"The Entire Story" about you to customers.

ADNET e marketing hopes the information
below will be of benefit to your Business

 What Are Search Engines?

Having a great Web site is not enough.
You also have to bring people to it.
The fastest and easiest way to get visitors to
your Web site is to register
it with the major search engines and online directories,
which is usually free!

For all Web Designed Web Sites AD e NET marketing registers your finished site to all Search Engines as part of our service.

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How do search engines work?

Search engines use automated software
(known as robots or spiders)
to follow links on Web sites, harvesting information as they go.
When someone submits a query to a search engine, the engine
returns a list of sites, ranking them on their relevance to the
keywords used in the search.   How search engines assess
your site and determine the relevance of the words often
depends on how the specific search engine works.
Some engines, such as Excite, use artificial intelligence to recognize concepts that frequently appear together.
Other search engines, list the more popular sites first.
There is no way to guarantee that your site will come up
on top in a search. After all, we can't all come up on top ten.


Community Discount e Card is a local search engine, since we have so much content, search engines monitor OUR WEB SITE constantly.  As a participating member on Community Discount e Card &
AD e NET marketing their is no ranking, 
Just Categor
ies of service - Alphabetic Master Directory
Featured Businesses Page - Bulleting Board Page, Community Page listings
 by category and alphabetically explaining your services & products for the
Community you service.
  We make it easy for your business to found on
our LOCAL infonet  web site
If you are a business servicing customers in New York , Los Angeles
 from London to Hong Kong,
may not be for you;
but if you are doing business in the local area we just might to the ticket.

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How long does it take to be listed?

Don't expect your site to show up in search engines immediately. It can take anything from 24 hours to 6 weeks or more!  It depends on the search engine.   Most search engine crawlers typically retrieve only a few pages from each site on each visit and visits can be weeks apart.


As part of AD e NET marketing &, we bring Viewers to our Member sites.  With over 200,000 hits per month, your web site will get a kick start! 
Be it an

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How do I get my Web site to the top of search engines?

I have read so much that if your Web site doesn't appear within the top 10 of search engine listings, then people aren't likely to find you. This may be true, but it's not the only place where people can find you and with millions of Web sites out there, we can't all be in the top 10!  I have found a lot of new Web sites by links from other Web sites.  There is no simple trick that will get your Web site to the top of search engines.  Also the search engines change the way they prioritize the listings every few months, so you can spend all your time trying to beat the system. To be honest, we recommend that you wouldn't try too hard to get to the top of search engines.  Just make sure that you have organized your meta tags correctly. Then concentrate on other traffic generating avenues, such as exchanging links with other Web sites.


Everyone wants to listed on page one and be one of the first 10 search engine listings. Unfortunately, only ten get listed, of thousands or
millions of web sites that fit your product or service. 
Over 96 % of the viewers that log on to
post us
as a favorite to their web browser.  Why?  Because we are LOCAL
and identify with Businesses, Professional's in their Community
where they shop, go to Church and attend local organization meetings. 
Viewers find us by FREE cdecards, supplied to our member's, that
are available at their place of business or from friends that have
visited us in the past, and refer
others to Community Discount e Card
community Information Network

Our Viewers will find YOU!

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Generating Link Popularity

Just getting listed in search engines isn't enough these days. Search engines are finding that their visitors want better, more relevant results. To achieve this, many engines take link popularity into account when determining the order in which sites are listed.


The TEAM approach NETWORKING together is what AD e NET marketing & is all about!  Your customer may find
your products or service from visiting a completely different
business in your community or category listing.  
The popularity of one member's listing helps viewers
to your listing.  Network Approach!

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Getting Links

So how is it that you get links?
First, the Web site must have quality content. A site with good content will get plenty of links from around the Web through no extra effort by the webmaster.

There could be thousands of pages linking to a site, but they don't help unless the search engines are aware of them.  Get placed on a volume hit web site, that search engines are following. Community Discount e Card is just such a web site.
With well over 250 Categories of Businesses services & products,
Listings of Churches, Service Organizations, Professional Listings,
General linked Community informationthe list goes on. 
Just by being LISTED on
Community Discount e Card

creates LINKS to YOUR web site.
Get a ticket for a ride on the

"the community Information Network".  
Community Discount


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What did you do TODAY! To Market you business?
AD e NET marketing  
Community Discount
 "Be part of the infonet"